What is Fentanyl?

Profits from painkillers guarantee easy research money and quick connections to a very demanding market. In the 1960's Demerol evolved into fentanyl. By 2012, fentanyl is the most widely used synthetic opioid; the revolution has been silent but deadly

Three or four broadcast monopolies have run conservatives out of most Canadian provinces and British Columbia is the extreme example. There hasn't been a Conservative Party in power for more than fifty years!

Liberal fantasies and fake news have definitely yielded a concrete result. For the year of 2016 there are over 900 drug overdoes deaths, mostly due to fentanyl. All the dead bodies are just as statistically significant as the gun murders in Chicago. Canada's West Coast is the world's undisputed Liberal benchmark.

Can fentanyl be banned like heroin? This document from Toronto Western Hospital (endoscopy) sheds a bit of light of the topic. Note: 100 mcg = 100 micrograms = 1 / 10,000 of a gram.

tw-hospital (27K)
Translation: The doctor shoves a tube down the patient's throat, (endoscopy) and finds a broken blood vessel. He knocks the patient out with fentanyl and cauterizes the blood vessel.

Every hospital uses fentanyl in this way because it saves vast sums of money. But the blessing has also become a curse.