Rising Sea Level Hoax

Grade 2 Geography: Lava flows and tectonic uplift create new land. If this were not so, all land would erode into the sea within 20 million years.

Do we have surface area increasing, decreasing, or staying the same? This should be as simple as summing GPS measurements.

r_sea_level (20K)
First we verify our lessons from public school. During the last Ice Age, northern areas where covered with ice and pushed down. After the ice melts, the earth's crust comes back up. We see the area around James Bay is rising 10 millimeters a year. The green line is a pivot point where the other side rises as the northern area is pushed down and vice-versa after the glaciers retreat.

Certain east and west coastal areas of the U.S. are sinking, but this certainly does not prove rising sea levels due to greenhouse gas global warming. We need to see how things add up.

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How to Add it all up

There are 493 data points for

Column "V_GPS"

As in the previous example these numbers indicate positive or minus vertical movement in millimeters per year. I wrote an Excel module to add the numbers. The result is 203.03 or an average of 0.4118 mm/yr. Since this is a positive number the increase in land area means a drop in sea level, which is the exact opposite of media hysteria.
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Powers of Ten Estimate

Say that sea level drops 1.000 mm a year. This is almost impossible to measure, but after a thousand years the sea level drops a meter. After 100,000 years the coastline is down 100 meters-the same as a major ice age. We just calculated 0.4118 mm/yr., which might indicate a transition to the next ice age. Hopefully a bit more information will leak out through the freedom network.