Viking Settlements in Greenland: Exact Opposite to Climate Fraud Theory

The warmest years don't correspond to the election of Donald Trump, but rather 1000 years earlier, when Vikings settled in Greenland. Legitimate records indicate a drop in temperature after the year 2000. Strategic lying is used, on the public broadcast spectrum, to assert that the current year is "the hottest on record".

Like fluid in an ameba, academic establishment follows suit and perverts most of the internet; but good work will leak out from time to time.
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Time line

980-1450: 	Vikings in Greenland
1300-1870:	Little Ice Age
1930's:	    Warmest period of 20th century
1990's:	    Warm period
After 2000:	Decline in temperature


Effect of the Little Ice Age on Climate and Vegetation Recorded by n-Alkanes and Glycerol Dialkyl Glycerol Tetraether Proxies
Note: Graph is reversed and aligned with the other graph

2000-year Temperature Record

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