Look to your science again where it is written:
the more the thing is perfect the more is feels of pleasure and pain

Dante's Inferno, Canto VI

The Green House Gas Hoax

Green house gas global warming has no theory and no experimental verification. Multinational media refers to it as climate change, global warming ...

Atmospheric science connects with a number of topics:

  • Kinetic-mechanical-statistical theory of an ideal gas: Bernoulli 1738, Clausius 1857, Maxwell 1873
  • Adiabatic lapse rate
  • Blackbody radiation

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Cumulus clouds form at about 1000 meters depending on atmospheric conditions and adiabatic lapse rate.

Ideal Gas

Why does a helium balloon float?

Answer: At one atmosphere of pressure (sea level) and at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, a gram-mole of ideal gas has a volume of 22.4 liters. Since the atomic weight is 4.003, the density is;
4.003/22.4 = 0.1786 kilograms / cubic meter. This is about 4 times less than the density of air; and therefore, the helium balloon floats.

Adiabatic Lapse Rate

The sun heats up the parking lot and it turns out that air is a good insulator. Here are some materials and their thermal conductivity. Minor changes to the composition of air make less difference than elevation.

Air, atmosphere (gas) 0.024
Air, elevation 10000 m 0.020
Alcohol 0.17
Aluminum 205
Aluminum Oxide 30
Ammonia (gas) 0.022


If there is no wind, the surface heats up; and then, the air above heats up. Hot air rises; in this typical case it reaches an altitude of a kilometer in about an hour. The air also expands and therefore cools off, since it is an ideal gas. This is called adiabatic lapse rate. Divide the gravitational constant by the specific heat of air. Lapse rate = g/Cp = 9.8 degrees C / kilometer. For example if the elevator goes up 100 meters, the temperature will go down 0.98C. For a similar gas, the change would be 2.8C on the planet Jupiter.

Many text books say that the Earth would be at a temperature of -18 C without Green house gas. Where does this come from? Go back 30 years. The Scientific American, September 1983, has an article "The Atmosphere." It says -18 degrees C is the temperature, at an altitude of 5 kilometers. The next step is to jump to the ridiculous conclusion that the temperature is also -18 degrees C at sea level, for an atmosphere without green house gas.

This is nonsense. The atmospheric temperature variation is due to adiabatic lapse rate for every planet.
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Black Body Radiation

The sun is our source of heat. We can imagine its diameter to be expanded out to the orbit of Earth, or indeed, any planet.

Tp: temperature of the planet, or that region of space
Rs: distance from the center (of the sun) to the sun's perimeter = 6.4 x 105 km
Rp: distance from the center to the planet (earth's) orbit = 1.496 x 108 km
Rp: temperature of the Sun = 6000 K

Tp = (Rs/2Rp)^(1/2) - 273.15

planet distance108 km temperature
Venus 1.082 58.15
Earth 1.496 4.35
Mars 2.279 -48.3
Jupiter 7.785 -151.5

The second row suggests that earth should have a temperature of 4.35degrees C.

Black body calculations are certainly not a law. The surface of the moon heats to more than the boiling point of water in direct sunlight. Since the moon has no green house gas, it does not make sense to say that green house gas heats up the earth. A large planetary object is not a blackbody, but rather, a perfect insulator.

Box 1 is from Nature magazine September 1990. The black body formula, T4 = S / 4σ, is perverted beyond recognition. The money for computer amusments is 22 billion dollars American (see US Global Change Research Program).

We know that George Soros is well connected to Secretary of State John Kerry. But that is not the whole story. The Kyoto Protocol originates in Japan. There, they use American style light water reactors, sometimes referred to as the "Charge of the Light Brigade". Even more insane are the plutonium liquid sodium coolant designs.

Canada's reason for signing Kyoto was a marketing strategy for selling nuclear reactors. The Chretien government assumed there would be carbon credits because of those sales (which never materialized). Another bizarre antic was to endorse MOX nuclear fuels. Plutonium from nuclear weapons is recycled for fuel in CANDU reactors. The material for atomic bombs becomes available to everyone.
Derivation of Lapse Rate
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