Look to your science again where it is written:
the more the thing is perfect the more is feels of pleasure and pain

Dante's Inferno, Canto VI

The Green House Gas Hoax

Green house gas global warming has no theory and no experimental verification. Multinational media refers to it as climate change, global warming ...

Climate change dogma is a criminal fraud

Millions and millions of organic compounds can be identified with infrared spectroscopy. Unique gases have unique quantum energies. Nothing is more ridiculous than the idea of a 'broadband greenhouse gas mirror'.

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Cumulus clouds form at about 1000 meters depending on atmospheric conditions and adiabatic lapse rate.

Many text books say that the Earth would be at a temperature of -18 C without Green house gas. Where does this come from? Go back 30 years. The Scientific American, September 1983, has an article "The Atmosphere." It says -18 degrees C is the temperature, at an altitude of 5 kilometers. The next step is to jump to the ridiculous conclusion that the temperature is also -18 degrees C at sea level, for an atmosphere without green house gas.

This is nonsense. The atmospheric temperature variation is due to adiabatic lapse rate for every planet.
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